There’s no denying that day trips on your boat are fun! That’s why you bought your boat, right? Whether you’re heading out for a day of watersports action with the family, cruising to a little town to explore, catching fish or crab for dinner, or following the wind, there is a freedom to owning a boat. There’s also something to be said for just sitting still, anchored somewhere away from your home marina, whether for a few hours or overnight. 

Many boaters, especially new boat owners, are anxious about anchoring. One of the most frequent questions we get at BoatUS Magazine is “how to anchor a boat?” You also want to know how to select the right anchor, where to anchor, how a boat anchor works, and whether or not you need anchor chain. Do-it-yourselfers want to know how to install, use, or maintain a windlass; care for your ground tackle; or add chain to your nylon anchor rode.

Our extensive library of BoatUS Magazine articles and videos on anchors and anchoring will teach you just about everything you need to know and give you the confidence to anchor your boat safely and make sure the anchor holds bottom, whether you’re dropping the hook for a short lunch stop, taking family and friends for a swim, or spending a quiet night bobbing gently under a starry sky.