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ATTENTION POLICYHOLDERS IN THE FORECASTED CONE OF IAN: Hurricane Preparation Coverage is in effect. Make preparations now to get your boat out of harms way. Learn More Learn More


Hurricane and Tropical Storm Information

The next big named storm to make landfall is a question of when, not if. Coastal boaters should prepare because hurricane season is here. The more you know and plan ahead, the better your chances of protecting your boat and property. Visit our extensive library of hurricane-preparation videos and read articles based on nearly four decades of knowledge from our BoatUS Catastrophe Team.

Hurricane Preparation Videos

BoatUS experts have compiled a helpful playlist of hurricane prep videos based on four decades of storm response. Video topics include how to make a fender board, how to set your boat's lines for an incoming storm, how to choose a marina for your boat to ride out a storm and much more. Get prepared today!

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Downloadable Guides

The next big named storm to make landfall is a question of when, not if. Coastal boaters should prepare because hurricane season is here. In this special section, our editors have created a comprehensive guide to help you, step-by-step, protect your boat.

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This Hurricane Preparation Worksheet lays out the steps for putting a plan in place and giving your boat the best chance of beating the storm.

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Preparing a boat for a hurricane means defending against wind, rain, waves, and high water—all in proportions rarely experienced by boaters. Claim files from past storms show that damage is usually due to a combination of these factors.

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The BoatUS mobile app offers hurricane alerts that are refreshed with every NOAA update to the forecast. Download the app now or update to the current version and opt-in to push notifications to take advantage of this feature.