Seaworthy Magazine

July 2014

  • Sailboat after collisionLight Up The Night

    The right navigation lights are essential to safe piloting after dark.

  • Volvo DP-3 sterndriveThe Care And Feeding Of Sterndrives

    Keeping your sterndrive in tip-top shape will add years to its life — and help to keep your boat afloat.

  • Rescue on the lakeESD Or Drowning?

    Electric Shock Drowning (ESD), drowning or electrocution, how to tell the difference and what to do in each case.

  • LightningLowering The Lightning Odds

    How likely are you to be struck by lightning? Your risk might surprise you.

  • Boat gasoline explosionAlert

    Gasoline refueling dangers, cockpit algae, fuel tanks under pressure, and peer-to-peer insurance.

  • Great Lakes frozenSmall Stuff

    Great Lakes chill, the history of lithium-ion batteries, keeping your boots on, and more ...

  • Seacock installationMailboat

    Staying afloat, more below waterline wisdom, fuel fix, finding ethanol-free gas and more ...

  • Boat collisionSafer Boating

    New USCG stats say boating is safer than ever.