Seaworthy Magazine

July 2013


  • Thieves making off with a trailerable boat are caught on a security cameraFrom Locks to Lockdown

    The simplest way to keep your boat from being stolen is also one of the most effective, using a lock and key.

  • Young girl jumping off dockESD Explained

    Electric Shock Drowning, or ESD is when 120-volt AC leakage from nearby boats or docks electrocutes or incapacitates swimmers in fresh water.

  • Sailboat stored on jackstandInspecting Older Sailboats

    Potential problem areas to look for when inspecting a sailboat, many of these issues involve rot, corrosion, or manufacturers' defects.

  • No SwimmingElectric Shock Drowning Resource Center

    List of electric shock drowning articles, presentations and other information.

  • 27 foot O'Day sailboat with a crushed cabinA Strange Case of Justice

    A strange case of justice in the landmark legal case of Bismark Dinius charge with manslaughter in an April 2006 boating accident.

  • Bismarck Dinius hugs his attorneyThe Trial of Bismarck Dinius

    An interview with Dinius and his attorney after his aquittal on of felony boating under the influence causing great bodily injury.

  • Look for the UL LISTED logoAlert

    Recognizing drowning, counterfeit fire extinguishers, and laser flare caution.

  • Cute kid in life jacketSmall Stuff

    Dinius justice update, deck safety, and tropical storm reporting changes.

  • Staying hitchedMailboat

    Still more Sandy, spring snafus, and staying hitched.