New To Boating?

We have all the answers to get you started.

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10 Steps To Own A Boat

Details every new boat-owner needs to consider before plunging in.

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Finding The Right Boat

Several factors to consider when making a decision on which boat to buy.

Useful Tips

Fuel expenses add up very fast. What you need to know is that many marinas and local boating businesses offer discounts. BoatUS has a wide network of partners who will help you save as much as $.10 per gallon on fuel. View discounts in your area.

Every state has different laws on boating education requirements. For those who want to stay safe on the water, non-profit BoatUS Foundation offers FREE online boating safety course developed specifically for your state.

Good maintenance and knowing your boat well can help keep your boat from breaking. But even with all the effort breakdowns happen. No reason to stress. Plan ahead, and contact one of the towing companies in your area. Learn more about the advantages of towing coverage.


Additional Resources

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Boating With Children

Keeping the kids entertained and safe aboard.

Photo of a Belzona 277 Walk-Around

Types of Powerboats

Descriptions of powerboats and their primary usage.

Photo of a C and C Yacht 110 racing sailboat

Types of Sailboats

Descriptions of sailboats and their primary usage.

Photo of a boat for sale

Used Boat?

Factors to consider when buying a new or used boat.

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Boat Evaluation Checklist

Evaluating a boat's condition is essential before purchase.

Boater training

On the Water Training

Get hands-on experience
running a boat.

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USCG Requirements

Items you need to have on board to stay safe and legal.

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State Boating Safety Courses

Take a Free online boating safety course.