Putting Boaters First

Published: April/May 2011

For 45 years, BoatUS has represented the interests of recreational boaters through legislative and regulatory achievements, boating safety and clean water triumphs, and member services

BoatUS Consumer Protection Bureau Started: Helping thousands of boat owners resolve marine-industry disputes.(1970)

Federal Boat Safety Act: BoatUS alone presses for legislation that brings the boat manufacturers under the jurisdiction of the Coast Guard, creates a boat 'defect' law, and the Office of Boating Safety. (1971)

BoatUS creates marine insurance primer: A clear explanation of yacht-insurance terminology & how to lower premiums. (1972)

Department Of Energy Proposal Quashed: BoatUS Department of Government Affairs successfully rallies members of Congress to squash a proposal to save fuel by banning weekend boating. (1980)

Recreational Boating Safety And Facilities Improvement Act: BoatUS helps in the authorization of $60 million in boating fuel taxes to be spent on boating safety and facilities over 3 years.(1980)

Interest Deduction: BoatUS successfully lobbies to retain the subtraction of interest paid on boat loans considered second homes. (1980s onwards)

Boat Finance & Documentation Service Established: Responding to Member complaints about difficulty of documenting boats.(1980)

Seaworthy magazine launched turning extensive study of marine insurance claims to practical damage-avoidance articles. (1980)

BoatUS Foundation For Boating Safety launched: As boating popularity increases, a response to safety education needs. (1981)

First Insurance Catastrophe Team: Onsite team to assist members in post-hurricane recovery. (1983)

Towing Coverage: BoatUS first to add to insurance policies. (1983)

Wallop/Breaux Trust Fund Developed: BoatUS aids with the program that builds ramps, establishes boating safety, and fish stocking programs in boaters' home states. (1984)

Launch Of The "800 Project": The Foundation makes finding a classroom boating safety course easier with a database (now online). (1984)

Manufacturer-Defect Coverage Expanded: BoatUS adds repair guarantees and investigative services to yacht policies. (1985)

Towing Assistance: BoatUS gives all members tow service.(1987)

BoatUS Towing Services: becomes the largest fleet of marine assistance companies in the U.S. with 24-hour dispatch. (1991)

The Repeal Of The Federal Boat User Fee: BoatUS helps revoke the 1991 fee which had ranged from $25-$100. (1992)

Inflatable LifeJacket Study: BoatUS Foundation study on inflatable lifejackets for the USCG leads to USCG approval of inflatables.(1992)

EPIRB Rental Program Started: The Foundation makes life-saving beacons available for rent to boaters. In 15 years the EPIRBs are rented over 6,000 times and activated 26 times, saving 65 lives. (1995)

Fuel Spill Liability & Containment Coverage: BoatUS leads industry by being the first to add this coverage. (1995)

Online Education: Foundation is first to offer free boating safety courses online; 650,000 boaters have completed the courses.(1996)

Repeal Of The Recreational Boat Diesel Fuel Tax: BoatUS helps with the withdrawal of the 20.1 cents/gallon tax imposed in 1993. (1996)

Elimination of the FCC VHF $160 Marine Radio License Requirement: BoatUS helps repeal the requirement that had been imposed on boats smaller than 65 feet operating in U.S. waters. (1996)

BoatUS Magazine: The newsletter BoatUS Reports is relaunched as BoatUS Magazine, now the nation's largest boating periodical. (1996)

BoatUS Helps With The Boating Infrastructure Grant Program: Helping build facilities for transient recreational boats. (1998)

LifeJacket Loaner Program Begins: BoatUS Foundation loans kids' lifejackets at no cost in over 500 locations in 50 states. (1998)

Trailering Club Launched: Roadside assistance is offered to trailer boaters. Club grows to over 80,000 members.(1998)

BoatUS Acquires Vessel Assist, a major towing provider, and VHF radio high sites from WA to Mexico, which now provides all West Coast boaters with 24-hour radio-dispatch assistance. (2003)

BoatUS Foundation Starts "Help Stop the Drops": To prevent oil/fuel spills, the Foundation provides education materials to 1,500+ fuel docks nationwide, and tests spill prevention tools/equipment. (2006)

Reel In And Recycle: The BoatUS Foundation has over 1,200 fishing-line recycling containers at fishing spots around the country helping to recycle fishing line. (2007)

ANGLER Program Launched: Bringing safety info, and legislative advocacy, to inland boaters and fishing enthusiasts. (2007)

Clean Boating Act: BoatUS helps create permanent exemptions for all recreational boats from new EPA permit requirement. (2008)

Online Learning Center Begins: BoatUS Foundation launches new online course with interactive features, including boating simulator. (2010)StoryEnd.png



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