June/July 2013


Thumbnail photo of a boat with a Yamaha F200 with a 15 hp kicker engine Ask the Experts: How To Count A Kicker

If a boat is rated for 200 horsepower and has a 200-hp outboard, plus a 15-hp kicker, is it legally overpowered? Our experts answer your technical questions.


Thumbnail illustration of scrubing a surface clean Hull Rx: When & How To Repair
Gelcoat Blisters

One in four fiberglass boats develops hull blisters. Most will never be more than a cosmetic concern, particularly if they're treated rather than ignored.


Thumbnail illustration from BoatUS Foundation Online Boating Safety Course How Do You Stack Up?

The BoatUS Foundation Free Online Boating Safety Course is a fun way to ramp up your boating knowledge, and test what you already know.


Thumbnail of NOAA's SLOSH model Thar' She Blows

Superstorm Sandy taught us that boats stood a much higher chance of surviving where marinas and boat owners prepared for the storm surge specifically.


Thumbnail illustration of an icicle hitch Get A Grip!

Gripping hitches transfer tension from one line to another. They are designed to grip the line and not slip under load. These hitches can be used in many useful applications.