August/September 2013


Thumbnail photo of Tux piloting a 16-foot Starcraft through Letete PassageTime And Tide

A region infamous for outsized tides also brims with history — the Passamaquoddy Bay is a protected bay on the western edge of the Bay of Fundy.


Thumbnail photo of houseboating on Lake PowellThe Mothership Has Landed

Charter a houseboat for everyone, bring your trailer boats and PWCs, then go explore America's beautiful inland waterways.


Thumbnail photo of owner A.J. Sammis gives his grandnephew a turn at the wheelThe Long Life Of Nellie H

A century may have passed, but this boat still sails, and a family still treasures the memories that have held four generations together.


Thumbnail photo of marina in Los CabosThe Last Good Idea

Circumnavigator Bruce Kessler says anyone can go cruising, and he founded the FUBAR rally to get them started.


Thumbnail illustration of Zheng He, a 15th-century Chinese admiralThe Greatest Explorer ... You Never
Heard Of

China's legendary Zheng He did it all 300 years before Cook, and 50 years before Columbus found the Bahamas.


Thumbnail photo of the tug HopeAlmost Dead Right?

When the rules of the road take a back seat to
common sense.


Thumbnail photo of Richard Schwartz on his boatA Man With A Plan

This boat-loving, Jaguar-driving, government-fighting 84-year-old warrior is retiring this summer. Sort of.


Tumbnail photo of cookbooks on a shelfShare Your Favorite Cookbooks

Lori Ross is sharing her favorite cookbooks and cooking websites. We welcome you to share yours as well.