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Total Protection Yacht Policy

For complete Agreed Value protection of your boat, motor and gear, our flagship Yacht Policy is available for most all boat types except Personal Watercraft (PWC).

Featured Coverages:

  • Agreed Value Coverage

    You'll always know what your claims check will say with this coverage that pays to replace or repair your boat up to its agreed hull value, determined at the onset of your policy. Covers your boat, engines, machinery, dinghy and boating equipment.

  • Broad Cruising Area Options

    Whether you boat inland or coastally, we'll insure your boat anywhere you cruise in the U.S. or Canada. Includes an extension option to Bahamian waters.

  • Medical Payments Coverage

    In the event of on-board injury, your policy includes up to $10,000 in per person, per occurrence medical coverage, and up to $25,000 for Family Members.

  • Liability Coverage

    Enjoy up to $500,000 in per occurrence liability coverage. (higher limits may be available)

  • Consequential Damage Coverage

    Covers immediate damage to the insured boat resulting from fire, explosion, sinking, or collision, even when the initial cause of the loss was excluded -- such as wear and tear or deterioration.

  • Lifetime Repair Guarantee

    Provides a guarantee for claims-related repairs made at an approved facility for as long as you own and insure the boat through BoatUS

  • Investigative Services for Manufacturer's Defects

    A BoatUS Exclusive - if your claim indicates a possible manufacturer's defect or warranty dispute, we'll provide a professional analysis and report from one of our marine surveyors.

Yacht in Ocean

Partial Losses for boating equipment are covered on a "new for old" basis. However, specific Items are subject to depreciation. Click for information on Yacht Losses and Policy Depreciation.

Plus extended cruising area options for trips to Canada, Mexico, Alaska, and the Caribbean. Note: Mexican Liability Coverage requirements for trips to Mexico.

All BoatUS Policies Include:

24 Hour Claims & Dispatch of Assistance

Our experienced team of claims professionals will dispatch assistance, utilizing our nationwide network of towers, salvors and surveyors to help policyholders through boating emergencies like fire, sinking, theft or fuel spill containment -- even roadside accidents. Your claim is handled by boating experts committed to outstanding service that gets you back on the water -- fast.

Full Salvage Assistance

Covers you for the full cost of salvage, without a deductible, up to the insured value of your boat at the time of the loss.

$25,000 Supplemental Family Medical Payments

To ensure that you or your family do not incur large out-of-pocket expense if injured onboard, our policies also include an additional $25,000 for payments not covered by any major medical policy. This coverage is in addition to the medical payments limit you select with your policy.

Additional Fuel - Spill Liability

In addition to your policy's standard liability coverage, this extra liability protection protects you from claims for clean-up or 3rd-party damage due to the accidental discharge of oil or fuel that can occur in a sinking, fire, collision, grounding, etc. This "green coverage" is crucial now that federal and state laws subject boaters to liability for cleanup, containment, and environmental damage.

Diminishing Deductibles

Receive a 25% discount on your deductible each year you remain claims free, until it reaches $0!
(Begins with your first renewal).

Uninsured Boater Protection

Additional coverage for your injuries caused by a collision where a hit-and-run or uninsured boater is at fault.

Named Storm Haul-Out Coverage

Covers 50% of the cost (up to $1,000), per event, to professionally haul or protect your boat, in preparation for an NOAA Named Storm in your area. (Not applicable for PWCs).

*All coverage is subject to the terms, conditions, limits and exclusions of the policy. Salvage and Wreck Removal excluded on Liability policies for PWC. Please read your policy carefully.

For a FREE quote for our Yacht Policy or any BoatUS policy, visit our Online Application or call toll free, 1-800-283-2883 for personal service.