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Wakeboat With Jet Propulsion: KYMA K7

What do propellerless jet propulsion and heavy horsepower wake-making boats have in common? Not much … until the unique new KYMA K7 hit the water.

Pink and black vessel out on open waters during a cloudy day.

There are a lot of Indmar gasoline-powered inboard marine engines integrated in a variety of sportboats. Now Indmar has developed its own boat under its new brand. The first model, the K7, delivers a twist on wakeboating. At 23 feet with an 8.5-foot beam, the KYMA K7 looks like another sleek, shiny new wakeboat. But instead of power coming from a traditional inboard-powered V-drive, this wave-maker does it with jet propulsion.

A substantial transom deadrise of 20.5 degrees handles bumpy water while also creating a big wake and wave for wakeboarding and wakesurfing. KYMA K7 incorporates transom-mounted Seakeeper Ride stability control units on the port and starboard sides of the transom.

Young adult male in a black wet suit wakeboarding.

The system’s Rapid Actuation rotary blades – which can make 100 adjustments per second – not only smooths out a bumpy ride, but also allows the driver to shape the wake for wakeboarding and wakesurfing. Zero-Off GPS-based speed control, underwater exhaust that direct fumes away from riders, and an articulating carbon power tower are among the standout features.

The K7 is powered by an Indmar 6.2L Raptor engine, delivering standard 440 hp, with an optional Roush supercharged 6.2L engine that pumps out an impressive 575 hp. Features include a power articulating carbon composite wakeboard tower, digital power steering, Zero Off speed control, cockpit heat, and trailer. Price when published starts at $150,000.

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