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Volvo Unveils Assisted Docking Retrofit

Boat owners with early IPS pod drive steering systems can now upgrade to integrate the latest Volvo technology.

Volvo Penta Assisted Docking retrofit upgrade

Volvo Penta's IPS (Inboard Performance System) was a game-changer for close-quarters boathandling when it was introduced in 2005. The Swedish manufacturer took that to the next level with its Assisted Docking system in 2021. The dilemma for boat owners with IPS was that it couldn't connect with the newer system. Until now.

Volvo Penta announced in April 2022 it's launching its Assisted Docking system as a retrofit upgrade for many yacht owners with Volvo Penta IPS — specifically years 2012 and forward.

Volvo Penta's Assisted Docking system automates a skipper's intentions, compensating for dynamic variables such as wind and current, and helps the vessel stay on its intended course. It even corrects for a skipper's overcompensation. It's pretty much uncrashable at the dock.

Take a look for yourself:

Take Control With Volvo Penta Assisted Docking

Assisted Docking is available for retrofit in the aftermarket for D6-IPS, D8-IPS, and D11-IPS packages — from model year 2012 for EVCE and EVC2. How Assisted Docking is retrofitted will be boat-specific, ranging from a simple software update to full upgrade kits that also include the Joystick and Dynamic Positioning System (DPS), antenna, and Glass Cockpit interface.

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