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Outboard Flushing,
The Right Way

By John Tiger

It sounds simple, but hang on! There's a right and a wrong way to perform this essential task.

Photo of flushing an outboard with fresh water
Photo: John Tiger
The buildup of salt in your outboard can cause blockages that
result in overheating and eventual corrosion.

Back in the day, flushing an outboard with fresh water was done only one way. A set of "ear muffs" or "flush muffs" was fitted around the engine's gearcase to cover the water intakes, connected to a garden hose with a good water supply, and the engine was run for five to 10 minutes. But today's outboards can be flushed using other, sometimes easier methods, without even starting the engine.

Why Flush?

Salt and brackish water is a corrosive killer of the aluminum from which outboards are made, so flushing every time after saltwater use is a must. Left unchecked inside the cooling passages, saltwater will quickly build up and may cause cooling blockages, leading to overheating and, over time, can corrode an engine from inside out. All outboard manufacturers recommend flushing (according to the procedures outlined in the engine owner's manual) after every use in salt, brackish, dirty, or polluted waters. Operating an engine in sandy, silty, or muddy fresh water also dictates the need for periodic flushing.

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