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Are You Ready For An Electric Foiling PWC?

From a boyhood dream to a reality, this high-performance, all-electric thrill ride takes personal watercraft to the next level.

Adult male riding the black Valo personal motor craft and existing a harbor on open waters.

In this era of technological innovation, an all-electric hydrofoiling personal watercraft was inevitable. California-based tech startup Valo has introduced a two-person electric foiling PWC the manufacturer says delivers a super smooth ride in chop, excellent range, and the exciting flying experience unique to foiling craft. The Valo Hyperfoil also promises operating the vessel will be easier than it appears thanks to proprietary active stabilization software.

Ed Kearney, Valo’s founder and CEO, says he’s bringing to life an idea he’s held since childhood when his father showed him a video of an early foiler.

“I was about 12 or 13 years old, and my dad – who was an inventor kind of guy – showed me this video of some MIT students who had built a pedal-powered hydrofoil boat that broke the world record for a human-powered boat because it was so efficient,” Kearney says. “I remember asking myself, why aren’t all boats like this?”

Model rendering showcasing black and grey Valo twin foils and a 45-kW drive motor

Twin foils and a 45-kW drive motor canpropel the craft to 35 knots.

Twin foils and a 45-kW drive motor can propel the craft to 35 knots.

Born and raised in Australia and studying engineering before moving to California seven years ago, Kearney couldn’t shake the idea of “a technology that can completely revolutionize how we transport things on the water by making them 10 times more efficient and incredibly comfortable at the same time.”

He noticed that there was not much in the way of commercial hydrofoil development. “So I said,’ Why don’t we just do this?’ I wanted to create something no one else was making, because it was captivating, and the world needed it.”

Black and grey Valo motor craft hitched to an SUV

Retracting foils make Hyperfoil transportableon a standard trailer.

Valo publicly debuted the Hyperfoil at the 2023 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, and Kearney reports customer demand has the company taking orders for delivery in 2025. The craft features a twin-foil setup with a 45-kW drive motor and proprietary Skyride flight stabilization system. which can propel the craft at a max speed of 35 knots while offering over two hours of endurance, good for more than 60 miles on a single charge. The price for the base production model as of this writing is $59,000.

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