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Audio Control From Anywhere On Board

New wireless remote fob from JL Audio frees you from the helm to instantly adjust or silence the tunes – even from the comfort of your floatie!

Close up view of a hand holding a wireless remote fob from JL Audio

Do you wish you had a remote control for your boat’s stereo system but dread the thought of running wires through the boat? JL Audio has come up with a solution. The new MMR-25W remote fob is completely wireless and communicates with a JL MediaMaster head units via Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). Bluetooth LE uses the same 2.4GHz as regular Bluetooth and has a similar communications range (up to 35 feet in this case) but requires significantly less energy. As a result, you can use an MMR-25W for several seasons before the 3-volt CR2032 battery needs to be replaced.
Close up view of a black wireless remote fob from JL Audio

The MMR-25W can be used to control most stereo functions, including power, volume, source selection, zone selection, fast-forward and rewind, tuner, mute, and pause. It’s IP68 water-resistant rated and indicates zone functionality via LED lights. The portable unit can be cradle-mounted or carried via a lanyard. Up to eight remote controls can be paired with a source unit at any given time, and they communicate directly with the unit without any additional receiver or hub necessary.

For current boat owners being able to add a remote at the transom or next to the bow lounger will be great, but there’s also a big advantage to boatbuilders. Wiring and the associated cost and weight can be reduced, and installation is simplified. $99.99 |

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