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Seakeeper Ride Now Available For Refits

Ditch your trim tabs! They can’t touch the softer, smoother, safer ride delivered by the company that introduced gyrostabilizing to boating.

Submerged Seakeeper Ride using aviation technology to dramatically smooth out bumpy rides.

Well that didn’t take long. In the February issue of BoatUS Magazine, we told you about Seakeeper Ride, a revolutionary new product that uses aviation technology to dramatically smooth out bumpy rides. The list of boat manufacturers ready to offer this game-changing system as a new boat option quickly grew. But what if you had no plans to buy a new boat?

“Since our launch, we’ve been badgered by boaters asking when Seakeeper Ride will be available for refits,” explains Seakeeper president and CEO Andrew Semprevivo in announcing retrofit installations of certain models. “Our team has worked hard to ramp up production and ensure our dealers can meet the demand and provide the appropriate support. We’re excited to transform the boating experience for even more boaters.”

The Seakeeper Ride, a revolutionary new product ,in use view from under water.

Rotary blades vertically deploy from the controller, making100 adjustments per second.

Qualifying vessels must be non-stepped, planing fiberglass monohulls between 19 and 35 feet in length with single or dual outboard or sterndrive engines with a compatible MFD that has a NMEA2000 network connection. Refit installations will be available through a network of trained Seakeeper Ride dealers across the U.S., with plans to expand internationally.

Three products with varying blade sizes are available: Seakeeper Ride 450 for boats 19-26 feet (MSRP: $4,500), Seakeeper Ride 525 for boats 27-30 feet (MSRP: $7,500), and Seakeeper Ride 600 for boats 31-35 feet (MSRP: $10,500).

Seakeeper Ride, which BoatUS Magazine sea trialed in November, introduces to the marine industry a new underway stabilization category, a Vessel Attitude Control System (VACS), derived from the Attitude Control Systems (ACS) used in air and space crafts to control pitch, roll and yaw while underway. From our experience, Ride dramatically improve the performance of vessels up to 35 feet.

A Key West 239FS vessel retrofitted with the revolutionary Seakeeper Ride.

This Key West 239FS was retrofitted with the Seakeeper Ride450 system.

“Since we first heard about Seakeeper’s latest product, we couldn’t wait to begin offering these to our customers and are adding it to our 31 Steiger Craft now,” said Charlie Marino, owner of Atlantic Stabilizers, a Seakeeper Elite Dealer in New York. “Then, once we tested it, the anticipation built more. This thing really smooths the seas.”

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