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Find Your Fishing Targets With Furuno CHIRP Side-Scan

Anglers can now target their catch at distances up to 750 feet while accessing more detailed bottom information.

Furuno CHIRP Side-Scan fishfinder displaying images in brown color on screen

Anglers will love the latest from Furuno, which extends side-scanning capabilities out to a far-off 750-foot range to either side of your boat. Cruisers and dayboaters can also benefit from more detailed bottom information for general navigation while cruising.

Thanks to the sonar specialist's latest TZTouch3 software update and the CHIRP Side-Scan Transducer (available in both thru-hull and transom-mount options), you can now push 150 watts of sonar power through the water in 220- to 240-kHz multifrequency pings.

Target resolution and detail are also a cut above the norm. CHIRP Side-Scan can be used alone or in conjunction with DFF3D Multibeam sonar, and setup is automatic when you update to software version 3.01 then plug the transducer into your multifunction display (MFD).

Take a look for yourself.

Furuno First Look - TZtouch3 CHIRP Side-Scan

"For fishermen, Furuno's CHIRP Side-Scan provides benefits for coastal and offshore fishing that cannot be duplicated with a traditional fishfinder allowing you to see fish targets near piers and bridges before casting a lure or jig," reads Furuno's introductory announcement. "With the ability to see structure and fish targets at an unprecedented 750 feet, distances that their competition cannot reach, TZtouch3 users will have the ability to scout fishing locations without scaring fish away due to engine noise or boat shadow in shallow water. They will also be able to find and fish uncharted bottom structure while mitigating the risk of grounding caused by unintentionally drifting into shallow areas."

Furuno CHIRP Side-Scan fishfinder displaying images in green, brown, blue, and white on screen

Furuno's CHIRP Side-Scan images can be displayed in green, brown, blue, or white.

At the time of publication, pricing hadn't yet been set for CHIRP Side Scan transom-mount and thru-hull transducers; software update is free.

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