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Fathom e-Power System: Next Level Power Grid

The Navico Group unleashes 'the world's most advanced power system,' an integrated lithium-ion power management system like nothing else out there.

Fathom e-Power integrated lithium-ion power management system on boat helm

Have you ever imagined how nice it would be to get power to all the systems on your boat without the vibrations, noise, and fumes generated by a generator? The Navico Group says it has the answer with the Fathom e-Power System, which integrates powerful lithium-ion batteries with charging systems, power conversion and distribution, digital switching, and control and monitoring, to deliver the juice your boat needs without that rumbling generator.

The Fathom e-Power System integrates a boat's electrical systems illustration

The Fathom e-Power System ties all of a boat's electric components together.

Both customizable and preconfigured kits are available for small (under 27 feet), medium (27 to 34 feet), and large (35 feet-plus) boats. The "system" is made up of components from individual Navico Group brands most boaters are familiar with, including Mastervolt, BEP, CZone, Ancor, and Blue Sea Systems.

Fathom delivers the oomph to power units with high energy needs including air conditioning and heating systems, gyros, and appliances. They're all zero-emissions, and they can be monitored and controlled via an app on your phone or smartwatch. Take a look for yourself.

Fathom e-power | The World's Most Advanced Power System

The key to Fathom is its ability to vertically integrate all of these different systems, which is in no small part due to Navico's wide-ranging collection of companies. "Navico Group's portfolio of diverse products and brands puts us in a unique position to deliver advanced integrated systems like the Fathom e-Power system," says Navico Group president Brett Dibkey. "The enhanced Fathom system provides reliable power management and control, allowing users to better understand and manage their power needs."

Available in 12V, 24V and 48V customizable kits, Fathom is designed to integrate into a wide range of boats. The hardware and software elements are compatible with the Fathom e-Power system, as well as third party hardware. Additional custom kits are scheduled to launch throughout 2023.

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