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Wanna Drive 100-Mph?

Since you'll probably never come across this on the docks, take a minute to check out this rocket boat designed as a superyacht tender.

Technohull 38 Grand Sport Super Fast Edition

Technohull is a Greek builder of high-octane luxury tenders for the superyacht market. Yes, there is a market for this type of vessel, but it's apparently not us. We inquired into what one costs. Our request was politely declined, however.

But since we're in the business of boats, we at BoatUS Magazine come across these extreme boats that are just fun to watch slice across the water with surgical handling. The new Technohull 38 Grand Sport Super Fast Edition is just that.

The "Super Fast Edition" more than gooses the throttle beyond its 38 Grand Sport predecessor's 90 mph top speed. That's thanks to triple Mercury 450R SM outboard engines delivering a collective 1,350 horsepower. Take a look for yourself.

38 Grand Sport Super Fast Edition

Despite the calm, flat lake the 38 Grand Sport Super Fast Edition was sea trialed on for the video, you're probably wondering like us how that blazing ride treats your joints. According to Technohull, its proprietary shock-mitigating carbon bucket seats with an ergonomic helm console offer confidence and comfort at top speed.

Technohull 38 Grand Sport Super Fast Edition helm

The hull is Technohull's proprietary Dynastream double-stepped hull designed to channel air to provide lift, natural cushioning, and "unprecedented stability" at all speeds. This "hyper-ventilated" hull shape also reduces fuel consumption, according to the company. The video shows that even while topping 100 mph, control is true, with a balanced helm and smooth maneuvering. The boat is built for extreme seaworthiness, with an offshore-rated hull (CE category B). Coupled with a 155-gallon fuel tank, the range is well over 100 nautical miles, according to the manufacturer.

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