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Fun In The Bag

The Tiwal 3R is a sporty inflatable sailboat that fits into the back of a car or stowed onboard and assembles in just 25 minutes.

Man on 3R Inflatable Sailboat

Sailing dinghies are great water toys, but there’s no getting around the bulkiness of their design when it comes to transportation. Although it seems to defy physics, the emergence of inflatable boards and boat that feel as rigid as fiberglass has fueled a new niche in on-the-water enjoyment.

The Tiwal 3R is the latest addition from the French builder, which now has a U.S. base in Massachusetts. The Tiwal 2 earned a “Best Boat” in category award from Sail Magazine in 2020. Stored in its bags, the new 3R inflatable sailboat can be taken anywhere in the back of the car, offering a compact alternative to traditional sport dinghies. Easy to assemble, it’s on the water in just 25 minutes.

Take a look at how the 3R sails.

Tiwals are compact, versatile, easy-to-use, boomless sailing dinghies that have opened up access to a wide audience since its 2012 launch. More than 2,000 Tiwals are now sailing in some 50 countries. The Tiwal 3R is marketed as the company’s racing model.

Tiwal 3R Packed Down

Unbelievably, the Tiwal 3R packs down to this modest footprint.

“The Tiwal 3R’s performance is close to that of rigid-hulled sailing dinghies, but it’s easier to access. It planes quickly. Its power allows it to play with the water, ride the waves, and make long runs with fast, consistent speed,” says Emmanuel Bertrand, president and co-founder. “It’s a pleasure to get the boat going in the groove and to fine-trim the rig for optimal performance.”

Prices starts at $8,800.

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