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Chasing Fish Below Made Easier

Lowrance's new ActiveTarget Live Sonar system reveals live-action views of fish moving in and around structure as they respond to lure presentations.

ActiveTarget Live Sonar system

Have you ever wished you had real-time imagery of everything going on beneath the water's surface? That you could watch a fish's reaction when you presented a lure, and see just how many fish were stalking around those stumps?

Of course, the answer is yes — and this is the kind of capability Lowrance's new ActiveTarget Live Sonar aims to deliver. With a transducer mounted to your trolling motor (in one of three positions for viewing forward, down, or wide forward "Scout" mode), the high-resolution views provided by ActiveTarget look more or less like a digitized camera-view of what's under the water. It's sensitive enough to illustrate every sprig of weed and tree branch, or for that matter, your lure. That makes it possible to spot a fish, cast to it, and then see if it looks at, follows, or ignores your offering. Maximum range is 200 feet, and ActiveTarget sends out its pings via a frequency range of 550- to 1,100-kHz.

New ActiveTarget Live Sonar

The system is compatible with HDSLIVE, Elite FS, and HDS Carbon systems via ethernet and a 4.1-pound, 8.6 x 7.6 inches module. Price: $1,499;

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