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The Latest Marine Radar Systems

Garmin and Raymarine have launched new arrays that enable you to spot potential trouble miles away.

Garmin Fantom radar

When you want to see far — really far — into the distance from your boat, you need a potent radar. If you're shopping for an upgrade or planning a bold adventure for next season, Raymarine and Garmin may have what you need.

Axiom Pro 16 and Cyclone

Brace for a 'Cyclone'

Raymarine's new Cyclone is available in 3-, 4-, and 6-foot arrays that sit just 13.1-inches high. Cyclone spins at 60 rpm while pumping out CHIRP pulse compression and beam-sharpening tech that produces the equivalent power of a six-kW magnetron (Cyclone) or of a 12-kW magnetron (Cyclone Pro), providing max ranges of 72- and 96-nautical miles.

Check out Raymarine's promotional video on Cyclone.

Doppler target tracking, auto tracking up to 50 ARPA targets, and bird mode are all in the mix. Cyclone radars integrate with Axiom, Axiom+, Axiom Pro, and Axiom XL MFDs. $6,999.99–$9,749.99 |

Garmin Fantom Family

'Fantom' of the Seas

Have you ever heard of MotionScope Doppler effect tech? Check out Garmin's new GMR Fantom 18x/24x. On top of offering all the features and functions of previous Fantom models, these new versions pump out 50 watts of power to extend range from 20 to 48 nautical miles and boost target detection in difficult conditions like rain.

Check out Garmin's promotional video for its upgraded Fantom series.

The new Fantoms also have an increased refresh rate, with the antenna spinning at 60 rpm. Garmin can now customize the look, too, offering both black and white domes. $2,199.99–$3,099.99 |

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