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New Integrated Display Just For Sailors

Mainstay to sail navigation electronics B&G is ready to unleash Nemesis, a customizable multifunction display.

B&G Nemesis multifunctional display

The vast majority of marine electronics these days cater to powerboaters, while choices specifically targeted to sailing are rather thin. For manufacturers, it's a game of numbers. But as we know, sailors need navigational and other data as much as any boater.

Any multifunction display (MFD) running navigational software will tell you where you are and where you need to go, but sailors have unique needs. Unlike a powerboat, it's not always possible to head directly where you need to go; you may have to tack to reach your chosen destination or waypoint. Also, you need to know how the boat is performing under sail to optimize trim for speed and efficiency.

B&G (Brookes and Gatehouse), long known for producing top-shelf sailing electronics, has introduced Nemesis. B&G describes Nemesis as an all-in-one customizable display featuring an easy drag-and-drop editor with a wide choice of graphical gauges that display tank levels, digital data, histograms, and images.

Additionally, a feature named SailSteer shows laylines to the next mark or waypoint. Automatic context modes allow users to choose the sailing data they want based on point of sail or sailing mode: Upwind, Reaching, Downwind or Pre-start. Nemesis can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation.

Take a look at this teaser video:

New B&G Nemesis Sailing Display

The system can be expanded and connected to the boat's NMEA2000 network, so data from connected transducers and other devices are at your fingertips — just as on any other MFD.

Nemesis will be available in December 2020, starting at $3,490 for a 9-inch display and $5,350 for a 12-inch. The Nemesis Hub, which enables combining two or more Nemesis 9 or 12 displays — on a mast, in the cockpit, or at the helm station — is sold separately and priced at $439.

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Rich Armstrong

Senior Editor, BoatUS Magazine

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