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Need to learn how to change your anodes, back up a trailer, or adjust your trim tabs? Our YouTube channel has you covered with these and many other useful how-to videos from our editors. Whatever skills you want to acquire, from maintenance to maneuvering, we take you through it in step-by-step videos, and our library is always growing. Plus, check out our playlists to watch a full range of videos on a single topic without having to search around. Subscribe to the BoatUS channel to ensure new videos show up in your subscriptions feed. You can also manage your notifications to receive an email whenever a new BoatUS video is uploaded.

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Stacey Nedrow-Wigmore

Managing Editor, BoatUS Magazine

Stacey is an award-winning marine journalist and photographer who, as BoatUS Magazine's managing editor, handles some of the national publication’s most complex features, as well as keeping it on time, accurate, clear, and timely. Stacey also manages the magazine’s active website and social-media engagement, and is part of the BoatUS video team, helping to produce more than 30 how-to videos a year. Stacey recalls that one of her earliest memories in life includes being hung by her ankles in the engine compartment of her family's 1963 Egg Harbor, helping with repair work and searching for lost items. Her love of boats may only be matched by her love of horses; she spent 20 years writing, editing, and photographing for equestrian magazines and books — including Practical Horseman