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Introduce and promote your marine business to over 700,000 BoatUS Members by joining the BoatUS Partner Network today. With over 1,200 participating businesses, the BoatUS Partner Network is a proven way to attract more boating customers, stand out from your competitors and expand your online presence.

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Custom BoatUS webpage for your business with real time editing ability to maximize your marketing efforts and encourage boaters to choose your facility

Your partner webpage listed on both the BoatUS Member Services Locator and BoatUS App linked to your business online media for increased digital marketing

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Access of up to $250 in marketing subsides each calendar year

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Since our founding in 1966, BoatUS has grown to become nation’s largest recreational boating association providing a single-source of exceptional service and savings for boaters including marine insurance and towing. We remain dedicated to educating and protecting boaters and their rights; making boating safer, more affordable, and accessible.

* Participation requires a discount of your choosing to current BoatUS Members. Contact the BoatUS Partner Network by phone at 703-461-2878 ext. 8918 or by email at