The Basics of Boat Pumpout

In the mid 1990’s, as the federal Clean Vessel Act enabled the states to install more pumpout stations, it became obvious that many boaters would soon be facing their first pumpout experience.

As a result, the "Basics of Boat Pumpout" was designed to be distributed by marinas, boat clubs, and other groups to help their customers understand how to use a pumpout station for the first time. To download a copy of “Basics of Boat Pumpout” for personal use, click here (Brochure in Adobe Acrobat PDF format). If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, download a free copy by clicking here. For quantity orders of this and other brochures, click here.

How To Pump Your Boat's Holding Tank:
Since different machines vary slightly, be sure to read and follow posted directions! In general, here's how it works:
Step 1:
  Remove cap from boat's deck waste fitting.
Step 2:
  Insert pumpout hose nozzle into deck fitting.
Step 3:
  Turn pump on. If there is a hose valve, open it to start the suction.
Step 4:
  When no waste is seen in sight glass, close hose valve and remove nozzle from deck fitting.
Step 5:
  Put nozzle (with open valve) in bucket of water for 15 seconds to rinse hose. If desired, rinse boat's holding tank with water and pump dry.
Step 6:
  Close valve. Put away hose. Turn off pump if requested. Replace deck fitting cap.