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I have a tandem axle trailer for my 21 foot bow rider with surge brakes located on the rear wheels. This fall I noted the hubs were pretty warm so I tore down the bearings, cleaned and inspected them. When inspecting them I did not observe any rust, pitting or wear spots. The axles and races didn't appear to have any score marks or wear. I also noted that the brake shoes were not dragging on the drums. When it was all reassembled, the hubs with the brakes are still running very warm. Any suggestions?

B. Heuser

Answered on: 6/2005

GEORGE: It's one of 2 things (and since I'm in the boat trailer rental business, I think I know which one it is): (1) There is a 3/4" bolt that holds the piston actuator in place. It's in the center and it is supposed to be loose. However, people will tighten the bolt which, in effect, results in the actuator not releasing as it is supposed to and the brakes will rub against the wheel, thus creating heat. (2) The master cylinder may need to be replaced. Both of these potential causes are found on the actuator so that's the first place to look. You were smart, however, to check the bearings because hot hubs is always an indicator of bad bearings.

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