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I have a problem I have not seen in your Readers Ask... section. My trailer hitch seems a bit loose inside the receiver. When I stop or drive away I get a clank from my trailer connection. The trailer hitch when inserted inside the receiver can be moved a bit by pushing it in and out by hand. Is there any way I can stop this? Thanks and PLEASE keep your Readers a permanent part of Trailering.

R. Naughton

Answered on: 6/2005

MIKE: There is a product manufactured by Quickstep that helps eliminate that "clank" that you are experiencing. It is a cushioned hitch pin that will absorb the shock that is placed on the ball mount and hitch when starting and stopping. In essence it is a replacement hitch pin that is suspended in a cushion that helps fill the gaps between the pin and the holes in the hitch and receiver. It is rated up to a 10,000 lb maximum gross trailer weight, and retails for approximately $15-$20.

The Boat Trailering Guys: Mike