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Question about torsion bar axles in salt water... I have a Century 2600WA on a tandem axle aluminum trailer. Trailer is in salt water weekly for past 4 years. Thoroughly flush boat, trailer and brakes after each use. Galvanized torsion bar axles are obviously rusting from the inside. I assume this is a significant safety issue. How serious is this? Options? Future maintainance tips? Thanks


Answered on: 5/2009

If the rust is more than surface rust and is obviously coming from the inside then I would say that it is serious and needs prompt attention. Your option is to replace the axles. It sounds like you are performing the typical preventative maintenance for saltwater conditions; flushing after each use. When you get your replacements observe if there is a way for water to enter the axle. If there is, there should also be an exit point. Some mfr's drill a drain hole in the axle so that residual water has a way to get out.

Boat Trailering Guys: Mike