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I pull a tandem axile Rolls Axile co. trailor rated at #6000. The boat is a 82 22' Cobia Cutty. Wt approx. #4000 loaded with gear and fuel. I've had 3 blow outs on the rear tires of the trailor. They are Goodyear Marathon r205 14. The tires have been replaced by Goodyear and one of the replacemnets even blew. The trailor is level and appears to have even wt on front and back tires. Whats up? The tires have very low milage. Worst problem the blow out also distroyes my lights from all the tread flying.


Answered on: 2/2009

First of all I'm sorry it's taken this long to get back to you. I sent your note to a contact I have at Goodyear and I've just now received the following: For a solid answer, more information is needed. He has two axles and he continues to experience failed rear tires, but there may be other factors at work here. He should get a loaded weight on each wheel position to determine if there is any weight bias, check to see if the axles are aligned, etc. He mentions load "appears" to be distributed, but he needs to be certain. With ideal air pressure and ideal loading (weight distribution), the 4 tires will carry 7040# max. In the real world, inflation and load may not be perfect, and we have seen plenty of examples of overloading, especially on the small 14-inch tires that are under some of these larger boats and trailers. The customer definitely needs to weigh his loaded boat/trailer. Let me know if we can assist further. Pat Piper BoatUS Trailering (for George and Mike)

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