Avoiding The Winter Blues

Photo of shoveling snowPhoto: Jack Hornor

You don't want to be the owner of this boat. Think about it for a moment. You would have awakened to a lovely blanket of new snow, pristine white and sparkling, and a text from work that your office was closed for the day. You'd probably lounge around with your coffee, checking out your favorite sites on the Internet, and get caught up with your spouse. Then the phone rings and someone from your marina says, "Sorry to tell you this, but ..."

Suddenly you're having a bad day. While the guy from the marina drones on about salvaging the boat, you're trying to get your mind around the image of your baby under the icy cold water. When he asks who's going to pay, the clenched feeling in your stomach almost disappears. You've got this. Juggling the phone with one hand and rifling through the contents of a file drawer with the other, you pull out your insurance policy. Then you notice the date in the upper right hand corner. October 15, 2015. Could it be? There must be another policy in the drawer.

You can remember renewing ... can't you? But when you think about it, you actually can't remember writing out the check and putting it into an envelope. You can't remember calling BoatUS with your credit card information.

All those times you emptied your mailbox in the fall flash before your eyes. Those catalogs and circulars, those newspapers and envelopes you threw away without even looking at them ... Could your renewal have been among them? Yeah, it could have been. Uh oh. Bad feeling. It almost certainly was. Renewing your insurance just slipped your mind.

Oh boy, now the dollar signs start dancing in front of your eyes. Thousands in salvage charges. The cost of cleaning up a fuel spill. The damage to the boat. You bought insurance to protect you from these problems. Your day just went from bad to worse.

This didn't have to happen. You could have signed up for automatic renewal, and your credit card would have been charged when your insurance premium came due. No lost envelopes, no missed payments, and no chance of not being covered on a bad day.

So be glad that you're not the owner of this boat, and sign up for automatic renewal. Just give us a call at 800-283-2883, or go to our online service center at BoatUS.com/account/. Together we can make sure a bad day doesn't get even worse. 

— Published: January 2016

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