How-To Videos To Make Your Day On The Water Smoother

If you're a "show me, don't tell me" sort of boater, you'll be thrilled with this series of videos from our editors. Chances are that you learn best when someone shows you how it's done. With that in mind, here are seven how-to videos covering everything from how to remove old boat names to installing a fuel demand valve, and more.

Photo of changing a boat propeller

Changing A Prop

Here are the tools you'll need and the know-how to tackle this simple project.

Photo of launching a boat

How To Launch Your Boat

Our six-step checklist will get your boat on the water in no time.

Photo of retrieving a boat

How To Retrieve Your Boat

Putting your boat back on the trailer, made simple.

Photo of flushing an outboard engine

Flushing An Outboard

Keeping your outboard happy means running freshwater through it after every use.

Photo of removing old boat lettering

How To Remove Old Boat Lettering

We'll show you two methods to deal with this unpleasant task.

Photo of applying new boat lettering

Applying A New Boat Name

These step-by-step instructions make the job easy.

Photo of installing a fuel demand valve

How To Install A Fuel Demand Valve

If your outboard is fed from a portable gas tank, you need to watch this. 

— Published: Fall 2015


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