Thumbnail photo of sailing down the Erie Canal Those Erie Canal Moments

America's great canal system offers an inspiring history, friendly locals, a string of charming towns, and vast vistas that will make you want to stop, slow down, and in some cases, duck.


Thumbnail photo of the Mamacita anchored near Cueva Valdez on the west end of Santa Cruz Mamacita's Love Affair With The Channel Islands

It takes some effort to get there such as some tricky navigating of the Santa Barbara Channel but the reward is arriving at one of their favorite places on the planet.


Thumbnail photo of a sailboat run aground being towedIt Was A Dark And Stormy Night

Here's what happened when a sailboat skipper made a near-fatal navigation error, and ended up hard aground on a falling tide.


Thumbnail photo of Stan Honey Stan Honey — Game Changer

The America's Cup director of technology may be about to change sailing forever with the next big idea in TV graphics.