McCoy helps heave up the anchor in Nassau, Bahamas
The Real McCoy
Meet the legendary gentleman rum-runner of
the Prohibition Era
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Tying a cleat hitch
Tying Up At The Dock
Tips on the proper way to leave your boat in a slip
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Watching fireworks over the water
Holiday Safety Aboard
Getting home in the dark can be a challenge
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Removing a fish from finger illustration
Removing A Fish Hook
It happens. Here's what to do to remove it safely
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In This Issue Of BoatUS Magazine ...

Photo of Ryan Finn

The Old Clipper-Ship Route In A Proa

An inspirational former Hodgkin's lymphoma patient prepares for a trip around Cape Horn

Photo of a seasick passenger

Seasick Genes

Researchers have found a link between seasickness and genes that govern the eye and ear

Online Extras icon

Online Extras

You'll only find them here! Online exclusives from our latest issue

Marine Formula by DeBond

Onboard With Tom Neale

This Month: Debonding 4200 and 5200 polyurethane adhesive made easy

Using a compass to navigate

Using Nautical Charts To Navigate

Knowing how to read one may just prove useful someday

Dog overboard illustration

The Dog Days Of Summer

A four-legged friend goes overboard in heavy weather

Zoo-load of animals on a boat illustration

Boat Capacity Tips

Follow these tips to make sure you don't overload your vessel

Kidde fire extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher Recall

Kidde fire extinguishers recalled because of a defective plastic valve


Refinished galley tableRENOVATION NATION
Boat Renovation

Before-and-after photos of refinished interior wood surfaces on a 1994 Hunter sailboat

Life preserver on the waterBOATUS REPORTS
False Mayday Fines Doubled

And more news from the world of American boating

Photo of marine artist WylandAMERICAN BOATER
Wyland's Art Imitates Nature

California's whale mural maestro strikes

Docklines illustrationASK THE EXPERTS
No Hope For Old Rope?

Our technical experts answer your boating-related questions

Photo of a corroded fuel shut-off valveSEAWORTHY
Boat Corrosion Protection

Prevent corrosion in these places on your boat through proper maintenance and inspection

Building a bridge illustration illustration CONSUMER PROTECTION
What We've Done For You Lately

BoatUS Consumer Protection helps to resolve disputes one member at a time

Photo of shrimp boats off the South Carolina coastGOVERNMENT AFFAIRS
Finding Ways To Maintain Boating Access

Communities are raising their own funds to underwrite boating access and facilities

Channel buoy illustration GOOD FOUNDATION
Rules-Of-The-Road For Boaters

The rules that will help you avoid a collision on the water

Featured Articles From Trailering Magazine

Boat floats free from trailer at rampTips For Launching And Loading Your Boat

Simple steps to successfully launching a trailerable boat from a boat ramp

Checking tire pressurePreparing To Tow A Boat

A little planning and preparation can keep your trailer off the side of the road

Wet rideSmall Boat Handling

When maneuvering your boat, some basic boating skills will keep you safe

Changing a trailer tireHow-To Videos For Small Boats

Several of our How-To, Skills, and DIY videos focused on trailerable boats

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