BoatUS ANGLER Saves Bowes From Floundering


Photo of Chris Bowes

Chris Bowes,
BoatUS ANGLER Member

Chris Bowes makes a living managing B.A.S.S. tournaments. It’s a job that involves way more than enforcing rules and weighing fish for thousands of participating anglers. Add working with local chamber of commerce folks, and making sure all fishermen get back to weigh-in safely, and you’ll be closer to completing Bowes’ long list of responsibilities. But on a recent leisurely fishing trip it was Bowes that needed assistance en route to the boat ramp.

“I arrived at the ramp on a recent Sunday morning and realized I had a pretty serious problem with my trailer tire,” said Bowes. His boat trailer’s hub was shot, and he quickly called BoatUS TRAILER ASSIST.

“It was early on a Sunday morning and I was just hoping someone would answer the phone and be willing to help,” Bowes said. “Not only did they answer my call, but the first thing they asked was if we were safe, and then began searching for a local accredited BoatUS partner to dispatch.” Workers from On-Site Truck Repair Inc. in Bradenton, Fla., brought Bowes a hub, installed it, and sent him on his way. While he waited, Bowes confessed that he fished from the shoreline adjacent to the boat ramp and even caught a couple of flounder.

“I am so glad to have had the membership to BoatUS ANGLER,” said Bowes. “It’s the first time I’ve ever had to use it myself, and the membership saved me $125 for the service call and mileage. That alone paid for the membership, not to mention the goodness of having somebody come to help me when I found myself stranded on a Sunday morning. “Having witnessed BoatUS take incredible care of the participating anglers in our B.A.S.S. events, I’ve long been an advocate, but I’m easily one of their biggest supporters now that I’ve used them myself."

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