is the BoatUS Marine Insurance & Damage Avoidance Report. As part of the BoatUS Damage Avoidance Program, Seaworthy looks at real insurance claims to discover how they might have been prevented. Our goal is to help you enjoy accident free boating.
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Timely Topics

Thumbnail photo of a sinking boat docked in icy waters
10 Ways Winter Can Wreak Havoc With Your Boat

There are a lot of ways winter can get your boat, most of which could be avoided with good winterizing practices.

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Thumbnail photo of a boater holding the anchor
The Fine Art Of Anchoring

A comprehensive test of 11 different anchors to determine the holding power of each in a typical soft mud bottom.

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Thumbnail photo of mooring whips on a powerboat
Whipping the Problem

Mooring whips may be the solution to protecting your boat from high winds and passing boat wakes while docked.

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