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Dog overboard illustrationThe Dog Days Of Summer

By Deb Rodenhouser: June 2015

A leisurely sail takes a dramatic twist when a four-legged friend goes overboard in heavy weather.

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Thumbnail photo of Earl Tingle on his Mainship trawlerThe Ghost Who Started My Engine

By Earl Tingle: April 2015

Nautical lore celebrates stories of the bizarre and mysterious, but was a spectral visitor actually haunting the decks of this Mainship trawler?

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Starry night at sea illustrationMan Overboard, At Night!

By Ginny Vought: December 2014

Overboard at night, at sea — every boaters worst nightmare, but quick thinking saves the day.

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Thumbnail photo of a lampe burgerFire Onboard!

By Gaz Haring: October 2014

A mistake almost cost these boaters' the loss of their boat.

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Thumbnail iIllustration of tuna boat sinking Revenge Of The Tuna

By Nick Pinardo: April 2014

What happens when three fishermen watch their boat sink out from under them? These guys save the tuna, of course!

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Thumbnail photo of a voodoo doll My Voodoo Queen

By John Gangone: October 2013

The right little boat at the right time creates a fragile magic that helps melt this couple's cares away.

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Thumbnail photo of the tugboat HopeAlmost Dead Right?

By Captain Bob Oatway: August 2013

Knowledge of the rules of the road is critical. But so is common sense, opines this member, who's also a professional mariner.

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Thumbnail illustration of a tornadoTornado Alert!

By Tom Neale: June 2013

Lessons learned by a veteran boater on how to stay safe during a tornado in an anchored boat at sea.

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Thumbnail photo of makeshift steering leverTrials Of The Docking Derby

By Steve Schwartz: April 2013

A pleasant day’s sail takes an unexpected turn but quick thinking saves the day.

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Thumbnail illustration of dramatic boat capsize and rescue Dramatic Boat Capsize and Rescue

By Daniel David Jones: February 2013

A fishing trip off the New Jersey coast goes very wrong when five friends have to abandon ship, fast.

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Thumbnail photo of boat tow on a stormy seaBoat Navigation Accident

By Bob Adriance: October 2012

A sailboat skipper made a near-fatal navigation error, and ended up hard aground on a falling tide.

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Photo of whale watchingOne Whale Of An Ordeal

By Donna Foth and Darryl O'Sickey: August 2012

The unlikely odds of an improbable encounter with a whale leave these two sailors with valuable cruising lessons.

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Satellite photo of Hurricane IsabelWhen Isabel Came To Town

By Bernadette Bernon: February 2012

Problems can begin cascading, and every decision becomes crucial.

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Thumbnail photo of Dan Richter and his sonThe Night Dan Richter Got More Than He Bargained For…

By Bob Adriance: December 2011

A fishing trip, a tuna pen, and the Mexican Navy …

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Thumbnail photo of a day on the water The Longest Day On The Lake

By Peter Manhard: October 2011

What promised to be a pleasant morning waterskiing into a miserable adventure for this boater and his father.

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Thumbnail photo of Lyn MorganThe Great Loop By Pontoon Boat

By Brigid Schulte: October 2011

A souped-up pontoon boat takes on the historic Great Loop.

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Thumbnail photo of Ron and Janie Ressel taking turns at the wheelBoat Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Accident

By Kathryn Ressel Seagle: August 2011

A zipped-in cockpit enclosure allowed in so little fresh air that a couple almost succumbed to carbon-monoxide poisoning.

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