As a small business owner and professional guide, we know your boat and equipment are essential to your success. That’s why BoatUS ANGLER has developed a commercial guide policy that not only meets your unique needs as a boater, fisherman and service-provider, but offers the best protection for the other important aspects of your business as well.

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Commercial Fishing Guide Insurance

For You, Your Boat, Fishing Equipment and Guests

As a small business owner and professional guide, we know your boat and equipment are essential to your success. That's why BoatUS ANGLER has developed a commercial guide policy that not only meets your unique needs as a boater, fisherman and service-provider, but offers the best protection for the other important aspects of your business as well.

BoatUS ANGLER Insurance for Fishing Guides is now available as an option with ANGLER'S Best and ANGLER Bass Boat policies! Available to Charter Fishing Guides operating boats under 27 feet. Often excluded from other providers because of commercial use, BoatUS ANGLER welcomes fishing guides by offering comprehensive coverage for their boat, guests and fishing equipment.

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Policy Features Include:

  • Agreed Value Coverage for Boat, Engine and Trailer
  • Liability Coverage and Legal Representation against suits or claims
  • Medical Payments Coverage for you and your guests - up to $10,000 per person
  • Fishing Equipment Coverage - up to $5,000 per incident
  • Uninsured Boater Protection - for your injuries caused by an uninsured or hit-and-run boater
  • Generous Cruising Area - fish the waters of the U.S. and Canada without an extension
  • PLUS:24-Hour Emergency Dispatch for fire, sinking, fuel spill - even roadside accidents, and fast, fair claims service delivered by our caring team of boating experts.


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NOTE: Coverage available for boats under 27 feet operating with up to three guests. All BoatUS policies subject to limits and exclusions.

NOTE: Many states require Commercial Fishing Guide Insurance, please check with your state's DNR.

BoatUS ANGLER Pro Staff member Steve Chaconas Has Tips on Professional Fishing Guide Insurance

BoatUS ANGLER Pro Staff member Capt. Steve Chaconas has guided hundreds of paying anglers over the last 15 years on the nation's river, the Potomac.  While fishing is his passion, he also has to manage his business, National Bass Guide Service .  And for Steve, that includes having a professional guide insurance policy for his bass boat.  Chaconas has these tips for any guide thinking about professional fishing guide insurance:

The gamble:  "The biggest reason to have a professional guide insurance policy is you don't put your customers, your business, or home in jeopardy if something happens," says Chaconas. "Some guides have told me that they simply extend their homeowners or auto policy to cover their boat, and hope for the best.  However, by being less than forthcoming with their insurer, a guide runs the risk of losing everything. When I have a claim, I want an insurance company that specializes in fishing boats, knows my business, and doesn't include my personal property on the policy."

The professional edge:  "When anglers call with questions about my guide services, they often forget the most important question: do I have professional guide insurance?" says Chaconas.  "I tell them it's the most important question to ask any guide and it should be a deal breaker if they don't. Having this coverage gives me a professional edge and separates me from the pack."

Don't let low prices fool you:  "Having a rock-bottom priced insurance policy doesn't mean you have the best value.  I have found that specialized boat insurance policies tailor-made for fishing guides like me provide better coverage with features more important to me and with lower deductibles," says Chaconas.

Follow the trend: "More local agencies today are regulating guide services for safety reasons, and good comprehensive insurance coverage is becoming mandatory," added Chaconas.

"After 40 years of insuring only boats, BoatUS has a guide policy that not only meets my needs as boater, fisherman and service-provider, but offers the best protection for other important aspects of my business," said Chaconas.

All BoatUS Fishing Guide Insurance policies are for boats under 24-feet carrying up to three guests, and are "agreed value," which provides more reimbursement in the event of a partial loss by paying the replacement cost of most items. They also pay the value stated on the policy if the boat is a total loss.

Key features include $5,000 of fishing equipment coverage (per incident) for both guide and guests, up to $500,000 in liability coverage and legal representation against lawsuits or claims, as well as up to $10,000 per person in medical payments coverage.

Also included are: Full salvage assistance, which means you won't have to pay extra money out of your own pocket to remove a sunken wreck, and consequential damage coverage, which pays for resulting water damage if your boat sinks because of a failed part, as well as uninsured boater protection.

The policy is also good for fishing all fresh and saltwaters of the US and Canada - with no "extensions" required when going from state to state.  It will also reimburse tournament entry fees when the boat is damaged by a covered claim, as well as offer liability coverage for a temporary replacement boat.

In addition, policyholders have access to 24-hour emergency dispatch for fire, sinking, fuel spill, and even roadside trailering assistance. "No guide wants to leave his loaded $60,000 rig unattended on the side of a road while they go off searching to get a tire fixed.  With BoatUS insurance I have access to their Trailering Club specifically designed for trailer boats and tow vehicles.  For $14 a year it provides up to 100 miles of free towing," he added.

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