is the BoatUS Marine Insurance & Damage Avoidance Report. As part of the BoatUS Damage Avoidance Program, Seaworthy looks at real insurance claims to discover how they might have been prevented. Our goal is to help you enjoy accident free boating.
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Timely Topics

Thumbnail photo of marine corrosion
Marine Corrosion 101

Time is also the key factor in determining which of the three major types of corrosion is occurring and what you have to do to fix the problem.

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Thumbnail photo of a gas powered boat engine
Where's Waldo?

This photo contains 11 technical faults. Your job is to locate as many as possible. The problems fall into two main areas: Electrical and fuel/ventilation.

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Thumbnail photo of a Charles Industries ISO-G2 isolation transformer
Isolation Transformers

Make your boat shockproof for swimmers, prevent galvanic corrosion, stop reversed shorepower polarity, and give you clean AC power for sensitive electronics.

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