Whether you are buying, maintaining, or operating a boat, well-honed consumer skills will keep your budget on course — and keep the fun in pleasure boating.

The BoatU.S. Guide to Marine Service... is a step-by-step reference tool designed to help you ask the right questions, make informed decisions, and keep hassles to a minimum. The guide gives tips on doing business with boat brokers and dealers, marinas, mechanics, repair shops, mail order companies, boat transporters and manufacturers. Using the Guide as a consumer compass will keep you on course.


This guide to buying, owning and selling a recreational boat is divided into sections geared specifically for boat buyers, for boat owners and for those who are ready to sell. A fourth section gives advice about what to do when disputes arise. BoatU.S. can help Association members settle problems through the Consumer Protection Bureau’s dispute mediation service. Help is also available through the cooperative BetterBOAT dispute resolution program, which BoatU.S., the National Marine Manufacturers Assoc. and the National Association of Marine Retailers have created.



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