Directory of Marine Surveyors - Northeast Florida

Gary Frankovich
Accurate Marine Surveys, Inc.
Wayne A. Robinson
Admiralty Consulting & Surveying
Pat Guckian, SMS/
Aquarius Marine Systems
Steve Danzig
Atlantic Marine Surveys, LLC
Michael Hagan
CYA Maritime Services
Byron Capo
Don Capo & Son Marine Services
Carl E. Spencer, III
Inland/Coastal Marine Surveyor
John Allinson
JN Allinson & Associates Inc.
Tom Nolan
Latitude Marine Inc.
Richard Learned
Learned Associates Inc.
Noel A. Miley
Miley Marine Surveying, Inc.
Jay Michaud
October-March in Central FL
Paul R. Anstey
Paul R. Anstey, Inc.
Steve Snider
Snider Marine Surveyors, Inc.
Brian Stetler
Stetler Marine Surveys
Ron Smith
Tri-State Marine Services Inc

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