Damage Avoidance Program

"I Chose BoatUS Marine Insurance for its Expertise." - Ron Stillwell, Kirkwood, Missouri

With every BoatUS Marine Insurance policy you automatically get the best Damage Avoidance Program in the industry, and access to expertise that comes from insuring boats, and only boats, for more than 30 years. It's a unique program that helps BoatUS Marine Insurance keep premiums lower.

Hurricane Catastrophe Team

The BoatUS Catastrophe Team arrived quickly, helping to refloat sunken boats, organize salvage and arrange transport. They also helped give us some badly needed advice on organizing our priorities. One valuable lesson was that not all insurance companies are created equal. From the first boat to the last, BoatUS Marine Insurance didn't rest until each one was taken care of.- Susan and Walter Brigman, Masonboro Boatyard, Wilmington, North Carolina

24-Hour Emergency Dispatch

I had just learned that my boat was sinking and I thought finding assistance would be impossible - it was Labor Day and my boat was a thousand miles away. But I called BoatUS 24-hour Emergency Dispatch and you had a salvage crew there within an hour. The crew stabilized the boat and got it to a good yard. - Richard H. Cole, Houston, Texas


We certainly see a lot of property damage and personal injury claims here that could have been avoided by the timely application of the sound advice in Seaworthy. Keep up the good work!
- Gary W. Allen, Director, Aviation & Admiralty Litigation, U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, DC

Would you like to know more about boat maintenance and get quarterly safety articles that could keep you and your boat out of difficult situations? Seaworthy, the fact-filled quarterly newsletter distributed free of charge to all policyholders describes, in detail, actual insurance losses in the BoatUS claim files and lets readers know how these losses could have been avoided. Each issue of this widely acclaimed publication is packed with useful articles and tips-information that helps safeguard your boat and guests. Some articles in recent issues include: "Understanding Lightning Protection," "Maintaining Your Marine Engine," and "Adding Electrical Equipment and Wiring."

Investigative Services

After receiving your report, the manufacturer stood behind its product even though the warranty had expired.- Terry Dellerson, North Miami, Florida

With the BoatUS Yacht Policy, BoatUS provides assistance in investigating manufacturer's defects for boats and machinery-we do the research and homework for you. Investigative Services provides surveyor reports, laboratory analysis, metallurgical reports, and technical specialists to resolve warranty problems with manufacturers. In most cases, manufacturers have been willing to correct the problems caused in the course of manufacture when presented with the surveys and other date acquired through the Investigative Services.

Damage Avoidance Inspections

This type of inspection provides boaters with a safer vessel by pointing out areas that need attention.- P/C Walter H. Wiegert, N. Essex, Connecticut

Periodically, boats over 10 years of age may be selected for a condition inspection by a qualified marine surveyor at the company's expense. These inspections include a survey of a boat's safety-related systems, including the fuel and electrical systems, machinery, structural members, and, with sailboats, the mast and rigging. The purpose of these inspections is to help the boat owner avoid losses and properly maintain the boat.

Brochures, Checklists and Self-Inspection Guides

Thanks to the advice in your Hurricane Brochure, my boat survived Hugo.- Jonathan Ross, Charleston, South Carolina -

BoatUS has produced a series of publications on a variety of topics ranging from preparing a boat for a hurricane to winterizing your boat and engine to inspecting electrical systems. View the latest Damage Avoidance Brochure.

Seaworthy, Investigative Services, Damage Avoidance Surveys, and an assortment of useful publications add up to much more than just boat insurance. It's a total protection program from the boating experts!