Carroll Robertson

Senior Vice President, Claims

Carroll RobertsonWhat do you do at BoatUS Marine Insurance?

I oversee the daily operation of the Claims division.

How does your job impact our product or policyholders?

The Claims Department staff has the privilege of fulfilling the “promise” that each insured has from the Insurance Company when they buy a policy – unparalleled service. Many of the Claims staff are boaters too, so we understand how important it is to get your boat fixed and back on the water quickly.

How many years have you been with BoatUS?

I started in April 1983… hard to believe… seems like just yesterday.

Do you own a boat? If so, what kind and where do you use it?

I grew up on boats, got my first boat (a 13'6" Boston Whaler) when I was 16, and worked at a marina during college. I don’t own a boat right now, but I hope to again soon. Most of my boating has been on the Chesapeake Bay and at the New Jersey shore.

Most unusual phone call, claim or assignment while at BoatUS?

There are so many! That's what I love about this job. Just when I think I've heard it all, a claim comes in with a new and different way a boat got damaged. We've had claims involving a boat colliding with a train, a boat being run over by a seaplane, a boat being deposited in the kitchen of a neighbor's house from a tornado. I could go on. One of my favorite assignments is my CAT (Catastrophe) Team duties. I really enjoy getting to meet our insureds personally and helping them through a very difficult time.

Your favorite vacation spot?

There are several… Bermuda, Key West, Outer Banks, Hilton Head… anywhere there is water.

Tell us something that nobody knows about you.

I learned about boats by helping my dad fix our family boat. He called me his “bilge rat” since I would crawl into small spaces he couldn’t get to and, with his direction, do the repair. When I was in college, I fixed a leak in my ramshackle apt. wall with Gluvit because we had used it to fix leaky windows on the boat. (If you've ever owned a wooden boat, you’ll know what Gluvit is.)