Oracle DBA

  • Headquarters - Alexandria, VA
  • Full Time
  • IT - Operations
  • 12/14/2012
  • 880 S. Pickett Street
    Alexandria, VA 22304
  • The primary focus will be 70% Oracle Database Administration Support, 20% UNIX System Administration Support and 10% Data Center Operator Support.
  • Responsibilities include:
    • Creating and managing User Accounts
    • Management of Rollback Segments and Undo Tablespace
    • Creation and modification of Oracle Objects such as Tables, Synonyms and DB Links
    • Maintenance and modification of Tablespaces
    • Conduct Database Restores from Exports and Hot backups
    • Troubleshoot SQL Errors
    • Provide fundamental UNIX System Administration on LINUX, HPUX and SOLARIS servers
    • Provide Operator Support for the Data Center

    Consideration requirements:
    • 3 years Oracle DBA experience
    • 1 plus years UNIX experience
    • Formal training on Oracle DBA in courses such as, Oracle Database Administration 1 and Oracle Database Introduction to SQL
    • Experience using Toad and Spotlight are a plus.

    Come join a growing company with a relaxed atmosphere and friendly people that will keep you motivated. We are committed to an environment that will challenge and help grow your career. BoatU.S. offers a competitive benefits package and generous 401(K) match.
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