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Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe Salvages Derelict Boat with TowBoatUS

Mike Rowe, host of the Discovery Channel television series “Dirty Jobs,” tries his hand at removing a submerged, derelict vessel in the bug-and-creature-infested swamp of South Florida when the show’s fifth season premieres.

Rowe will serve as an apprentice to Captains Bill Hicks, Andy Avins and Todd Seeds of TowBoatUS South Dade, an on-the-water recreational boat towing and recovery company that has been called in to refloat, remove and dispose of the sunken vessel that was abandoned after a hurricane and left to rot on the muddy bottom.

It’s a dirty job with a positive environmental impact.

The big question remains whether the soggy hull can be pulled out in one piece or will it catastrophically break apart as Rowe directs the lift operation? And what will come spewing out of the derelict’s dark muddied bilge? You have to tune in to find out.

On "Dirty Jobs," Rowe travels the country to showcase the downright dirty jobs that most people would go out of their way to avoid. TowBoatUS South Dade, FL, is part of BoatUS Towing Services , the largest network of US, Canadian and Bahamian towing ports for recreational boaters with over 290 locations and over 600 towing assistance vessels nationwide. Airing will continue to repeat throughout 2009 and 2010 so please don't be dismayed if you're picking up this web page a bit late. In the schedule (link follows), the title of the episode is "Mattress Recycler".

Mike Rowe: Dirty Jobs Mike Rowe: Dirty Jobs Mike Rowe: Dirty Jobs Photographs by Janet Allen of PBS&J