Call For a Tow

Seaworthy Magazine: Thunderstorms - A Few Members' Accounts

Barnegat Bay in New Jersey is certainly not the ocean. But that it is where we do all our boating in search of the sometimes elusive blue claw crab. Daily, we are fortunate to look down our lagoon to see the condition of the bay.

But once we are out on the water (and I don't mind if they call me chicken) my eyes are continually scanning. The afternoon brings up a wind change. Hot summer air over land may bring those dark clouds closer to the Bay. Going up the Toms River may deceive a boater to changing conditions back on the Bay, as has happened to us.

BoatUS, at one time, put out a cloud chart. It was laminated, much like a place mat. That chart was my lifeline to offering the captain good advice as to when to return.

We were caught only once in a terrible thunderstorm. We were able to outrun it but can you still hear my heart? Your storm article should be a big help to people because it is easy to feel panic.

Turning to the Coast Guard weather station helps. What is difficult for most boaters is the weekend, it is usually the only time to have fun on the water. That makes taking chances more likely. One day, they will be like us-retired-and on the water on any day that's nice, bright and clear.