Seaworthy Magazine

January 2016


  • Storm over marinaLightning Protection

    While you can't prevent a strike, there's a lot you can do to mitigate — or even prevent — damage.

  • GooseneckInspecting Sailboat Rigging

    Stainless steel in a saltwater environment will eventually suffer from some form of corrosion.

  • Boat fireCauses Of Fires On Outboard Boats

    The top five causes of fire on outboard-powered boats and recommendations on how to avoid them.

  • Towing boatAlert

    Keeping scuppers clean in winter, batteries in cold weather, shorepower fail and more ...

  • Ocean cleanup arraySmall Stuff

    An ocean vacuum cleaner; defeating an engine cutoff switch; exhaust leak causes CO poisoning and more ...

  • Charred boatMailboat

    Comments on recent articles about boat fires, marine lubricants, boat wake liability and more ...

  • Shoveling snowAvoiding The Winter Blues

    So be glad that you're not the owner of this boat, and sign up for automatic renewal.