Seaworthy Magazine

August 2016

  • Rescuing boater from capsized vesselAvoiding Capsizing And Swamping

    A study of five years of capsizes and swampings reveals how they happen and what you can do to avoid them.

  • Inspecting boatHow to Get Your Claim Settled Faster

    Knowing how the process works can make for a quicker and pain-free experience.

  • Rusty stainless steel fastenersNot So Stainless Steel

    Learn the basics to be able to prevent or to recognize and correct most stainless-steel corrosion.

  • Fuel tank hose clampAlert

    Trailer strap wear accident, fuel tank hose leaks and fire danger, double-clamping exhaust hoses and more ...

  • Zipper boatSmall Stuff

    Using barrels to block boats, the strange looking "zipper boat" and more ...

  • Boat coverMailboat

    Comments on boats sinking when it rains, CO2 cartridges on PFDs and more on lightning protection.

  • First issue Seaworthy coverWhy Did I Get Two Magazines?

    Seaworthy will now be included in BoatUS Magazine, so all of our Members can learn from OPMs.