You Spoke, We Listened

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Not long ago, we sent out a readership survey to find out what our readers like and want more of in Seaworthy. We like poking around with numbers almost as much as we like messing about in boats, and after crunching some of those numbers, we learned some useful facts. Thousands of you responded, and over two thirds of you said that you read all or most of each issue of Seaworthy; 80% of you want to receive it via print and email; and most of you enjoy articles about things like fires, collisions, and lightning, which is great because that's just what we like mining our claim files for and writing about. Our feelings were hurt though, by the 1.4 percent who said they don't want to receive Seaworthy at all. You might want to keep an eye out for these folks; they may be the ones whose boats are slowly sinking at the dock, have smoke coming from their electrical panel, or are stuck on the side of the road with a broken trailer bearing. If you see them, how about recommending they give us another try? After all, our goal is to keep everyone safe on the water.

Another thing we learned from the survey: our readers are vocal and not afraid to tell us what they want. Sample comments: Very informative and interesting, Keep up the informative articles, Seaworthy is the best magazine in boating! And a few more like this: I think it's fine, no comment, and there's too much about dogs! But most of you said you want even more articles on how to be a safer boater, how to prevent damage to your boat, and what makes boats come to grief. Good news! That's just what we were planning to do, and we'll continue to use our expertise and knowledge from our claims files.

And now, starting in October, we're going to include Seaworthy magazine right inside BoatUS Magazine, which will extend our reach even farther and give you six issues a year instead of four. With the addition of Seaworthy in BoatUS Magazine, the nation's largest and best boating publication, we think we can give everyone what they want. Even that 1.4 percent.

Stayed tuned for more details in the August issue! 

— Published: April 2016

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