The BoatUS CAT Team Is Standing By

Photo of the BoatUS CAT Team

Three years ago this month, when hurricane season was supposed to be over and done with, Superstorm Sandy slammed into the New Jersey coast with a storm surge that topped out at more than 12 feet in New York City and surrounding areas.

The first BoatUS Catastrophe (CAT) Team members hit the ground 24 hours after the storm — the day before Halloween — and began sorting through the debris in search of the boats we insured. More than 100 surveyors and salvors worked with our adjusters in the Alexandria, Virginia, office to resolve thousands of claims.

The following June, the CAT Team and the management of BoatUS came together to determine what lessons we could learn from the storm. There were many things that had worked well, but there were also things we had expected to work that hadn't. Connectivity by phone or wifi had proven much more difficult than anticipated, forcing us to rely on overnight mail services and fax to move documents between the field and our headquarters. Since then, we've been working on implementing a variety of changes to make our CAT Team even more effective.

Those changes have been rolling out over the past two years. But in June of this year, we brought together the new CAT Team and unveiled all of the improvements we have made. We expanded our roster of team members and created new ways to work with them in the field. While we've been lucky so far this season, we're only halfway through and — as Sandy proves — it only takes one storm to make for a bad season. As always, we stand ready to respond if a hurricane finds its way ashore. No one ever wants to have to use their insurance, and no one wants to have to deal with a hurricane. But we're in this together. We rely on you to prepare your boat for the storm, and, if worse comes to worst, you can rely on us to take care of your boat afterwards. 

— Published: October 2015

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