Seaworthy Magazine

July 2015


  • Marine corrosionMarine Corrosion 101

    Understanding a bit of science will help you protect your boat.

  • Gas-powered boat engineWhere's Waldo?

    Can you find the problems in this photo?

  • Sailboat on firePower Line Hazards

    Make sure you know how tall your mast is before you go under powerlines.

  • Isolation transformerIsolation Transformers

    Clean, safe shorepower can be yours.

  • Powerboat with nav lights onAlert

    Wakeboard towers, heat exchangers, leaving boats stern-to, backward navigational lights, manifold life and more.

  • Tropical Storm Ana 2015Small Stuff

    First tropical storm, this month's photo challenge, bison crossing and why it's important to file a float plan.

  • Lightning in the night skyMailboat

    Beware the boom, Fuzzy bilge pump math, oil sample analysis, lightning strikes again and more.

  • Boat accidentSlow And Steady

    When it comes to safety, slow and steady she goes, this 4th of July.